HealthNavi 헬스내비

Developing and Innovating
the Health Navigator for DIY Health Management in the Future Healthcare Service



Research Objectives

A period for self controlling one’s own health and making decision on behalf rather than getting healthcare services from healthcare professionals at healthcare institutions is getting longer due to Silver Tsunami happeing worldwide and pandemic chronic diseases. According to this social changes, the service model possible for Do-It-Yourself Health Management is necessarily required for this information-oriented society. It is needed to analyze in depth and plan major concepts below to materialize ideal and sustainable health care service of future.

This study is aimed to investigate Definition, Anatomy and Physiology, Tools, and Data of future health care service by designing the method for actualizing three concepts below and by actually implementing them.


1. Health Navi 헬스내비

Answering such questions like: “What kind of formation would HealthNavi have? How would it provide service as of shape and as of using certain software and hardware? What kind of effects it needs to have in order to be sustainable and acceptable?”

Studying Definition, Anatomy and Physiology, Toolds and Data of HealthNavi as an ideal type of PHR


2. Health Map 헬스맵

A map for health which is visualized by using metaphor for health-related objects and an infrastructure for HealthNavi

Expressing health goal, which needs to be achieved by healthcare consumers, in a metaphor

Achievement route, required time, cost, coaching that is provided at each stage, and etc. are expressed by using gamification


3. Health Bank 헬스뱅크

Safe storage of health information that is collected through various sources and tools for health data

Essential information source for realizing diverse services of HealthNavi




Project Concept Map

There are 4 concept maps that can describe various aspects of the HealthNavi.

헬스내비를 구성하는 개념은

4가지의 축으로 설명할 수 있습니다.

Health Continuum
Stages of Life Cycle
Stages of Family Life Cycle
Demographic Group

1. Health Continuum (건강스펙트럼별)

•인간은 최적의 건강상태로부터 최악의 질병상태 사이의 “Health Continuum” 위에 있게 되며 이 과정에서 건강인, 건강관심인, 환자로 시시각각으로 상태가 변하게 됨

•이 과정을 Health Journey, Patient Journey라고도 부름: 건강 여정, 환자 여정

건강스펙트럼 분류 및 해당과업

2. Stages of Life Cycle (생애주기별)

2. Stages of Life Cycle (생애주기별)

3. Stages of Family Life Cycle (가족생애주기별)

3. Stages of Family Life Cycle (가족생애주기별)

4. Demographic Group (인구사회학적 특성별) --> Women's Health (여성생식주기별)




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