Project Methods

In this study, the assembly of HealthNavi, HealthMap, and HealthBank would be refered to “Z” and for its implementation, sub objectives would be integrated and interconnected.

Three sub objectives (Health Services, Health Tools, and Health Data) would be classified and studied for “Z” and the final goal, “Z” would be drawn and designed as a result of systematic interconnection of the three sub objectives.

The three sub objectives for implementing “Z” are as follows.


Health Services (Research and analysis of definition, tools, and function)

  • Contemplation of predicting examples of future healthcare service

  • List of requirements for changes in future healthcare service

  • Developement of future healthcare service definition

  • Development of Game-care in a formation of Health Game App & Web Prescriptions that applied gamification to strategy for improving means for health care

Health Tools (Research and analysis of tools)

  • Selection of vital signs and cognitive signs of individuals who constitutes “Z”

  • Investigation of tools for quantifying vital signs and cognitive signs, in other words, reasearch and analysis of Consumer Health Electronics

  • Development of methods for constitution of “Z” by integrating collected individuals’ vital signs and cognitive signs

Health Data (Research and analysis of data)

  • Research and analysis of definition, scope, management procedure of health data which is ingredients for HealthNavi

  • Research and analysis of Social Health Network in order to share and deliver health data

  • Studying investigation of social health data, ways to handle and apply social health data, and utilizing SNS

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